Examples of My Work

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I’ve gathered some of my work here in one place for you to have a look at. This isn’t everything I’ve ever done though, the site would take way too long to load if I shared it all here! With that in mind, if you’re looking for an example of a particular type of project that I’ve worked on and you don’t see it here, just send me a message and ask. I’ll go through my hard drives and see if I can find some examples to share with you.


Web Design Projects

A Design Case Study

The Butler Did It Quilting

If you’re interested in how I go from idea to finished product with my clients, you can learn about the whole process as I tell the making of The Butler Did It.


Logo and Brand design Projects

Graphic Design

Graphic Design Projects

As clients sometimes come to me for help with graphic design when they already have an established brand, the logos used in these designs are not necessarily my work. These instances have been noted below the images.

Logo not my design.
Logo not my design.
Logo not my design.
Logo not my design.
Logo not my design.
Logo not my design.
Logo not my design.


Illustration Projects

Let’s Level Up Your Online Presence

Looking amazing online means better business and you could be losing customers or missing out on sales if you don’t have your act together.

Every business needs to consistently onboard new clients or make sales but this is critically important to small businesses. A great website design is a tool to help your business make more money and, as consumers are becoming more design savvy and spending more time online, it matters today more than ever. If you get it right, your business will look more professional and you will position yourself as a leader among your competition. This makes people want to work with you and buy your products or services. If you get it wrong, well, it has the opposite effect and no one wants that (except maybe your competition!).

Don’t risk losing clients because of a poorly designed website (or worse, no website at all!). Let’s talk today about your website goals and and how we can work together to make your business look great online.